Chloë Sledd - Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Chloë attended the Howard University School of Business in Washington, D.C. and received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on International Business. Upon graduation, she worked at Google as the Manager of Google Maps for Work Outbound Demand Generation for North and Latin America. There, she led teams across the Americas to build innovative enterprise solutions using Google Maps technology. Inspired by her father, a survivor of police brutality, Chloë founded VoiceLots on March 5, 2015. Her vision is to provide a meaningful social media platform where traditionally unheard and underrepresented people can raise their voices for social impact in all its forms.


SYNATRA SMITH, PH.D. - Co-Founder & President


Synatra earned her Ph.D. in Global and Sociocultural Studies from Florida International University, where she developed her interest in globally-conscious community engagement. Prior to co-founding VoiceLots, Synatra worked for a firm researching economic disparities for racial and gender minorities in government contracting. She also works with the Cultural Education Passport Program of the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center. Her goal for VoiceLots is to unite social media with activism in order to create a socially responsible space of creation and impact. 


Corey Galloway - Interim Chief Operations Officer/Interim Chief Financial Officer


Corey is a goal oriented fiduciary with the ability to identify early to market opportunities and assist in directly making them more efficient and profitable. With over 20 years in finance, operations, real estate, and production, he has the diverse experience of working on the creative or operations side of business. Corey is the former Director of Studio Operations at MTV where he oversaw over 300 employees, and he successfully developed real estate from concept to Certificate of Occupancy, as well as fully leased available units and an effective manager.


DREW GIBSON - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Drew has 12 years of general business experience, including entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and management. During his four years of active duty with the military, he served in leadership roles for soldiers in combat and received a Purple Heart. Drew was raised in a small town in Arkansas, and through his grandmother he was exposed to the notion of equality and respect despite racial differences. He has faced adversity due to his refusal to succumb to racism and he is committed to the VoiceLots mission for global social impact. 


STEVE CARDENAS - Co-Founder & Director of Programs


Steve graduated from San Jose State University (SJSU) with his bachelor's degree in Business Management. While attending SJSU, he served as the Community Relations Director for the Latino Business Student Association at SJSU. Steve's passion for helping others and making a positive impact in the world prompted him to co-found VoiceLots. He is particularly motivated by the opportunity to empower students with the tools necessary to lead the world toward a better future.